Bushido: Jung Profiles – Minato

A daily breakdown of Bushido Profiles, starting with the Pirate faction, Jung. Broken down into ranks of Kancho (captains), Juhin (first mates), Kaizoku (crew members) and the beings corrupted by the sea (Samemamin, Kamimamin), the Jung are a faction of teamwork and strength in numbers.


Picture two ships clashing at sea. The pirates have boarded the trading vessel and the civilian crew is on their last legs of defense against the kaizoku. Yori, madman that he is, has poured sake all over the deck, igniting it into an inferno. Wielding an anchor as a weapon, Minato appears on the gangplank, surrounded by the flames. The last thread of morale snaps as the Kancho slowly, methodically finishes what his crew started, destroying all in his path.

Minato is the bruiser of the Jung faction. He wants to be on the front line, in people’s faces, and swinging his anchor as much as possible. It took me a few games to realize that just because he wants to be on the front line, Minato doesn’t want to be the FIRST in line. He is at his best when he’s the finisher. Tie op an opponent with a kohanin, exhaust them, now Minato gets to come in and outnumber them. 4 dice melee pool and brutal when they’re down 2 dice? It’s gonna hurt.

In addition to hitting hard himself, Minato likes his crew to hit hard. Kaizoku gaining Powerful Attack (1) really helps them put the hurt on their enemies. It does require some coordination, as with only a 3 dice melee pool, you’ll only really get to use powerful attack if you’ve laid some states on the enemy to knock their pool down first. But that’s kaizokus’ specialty. Beyond Powerful Attack, Minato is the most “hands-off” of the Kancho’s. Like Hibiki, Minato runs independent, but his kaizoku benefit and theme lack the same synergy that Hibiki and Black Sails thrive on. He relies on his Juhin, Yuji, to manage the crew.

The Docks of Ryu theme grants 1 model Tireless each round. Most of the time, especially once he’s in the fray, Minato is going to take that for himself, insuring he gets to activate on his terms. The other benefit is extra ki if your opponent is outscoring you, which is going to allow your kaizoku to boost and use that Powerful Attack(1) easier. The Docks of Ryu is a solid theme that does what it sets out to do with no bells and whistles. The biggest drawback is the restrictions. No Samemiman or Kamimiman means a Docks of Ryu list lacks a lot of the flavor of the faction. But trading access to Tetsuso for Tireless Minato is a solid deal. 

At 4 dice, Minato has the most options in melee. Brutal(1) means you can still roll defensively and hit back. Powerful Attack (0) is a bargain and means he’s always going to crush what he hits, even Minimoto armor can’t stand up to his anchor. Push(0) is great for those moments of zone control, or disengaging while in defense so he can move on to bigger prey. Against equal or stronger foes, the kit feat Batter gives models wounded by him a Stunned marker, bringing them down to his level. The best piece of Batter is it’s an instant feat, meaning you can cast it before the damage roll so you don’t have to waste ki if the attack misses, or it’s a (rare) low chance of damaging. His last Ki feat, Smite, gives him Slam(0). If you’ve got the Ki, this is a solid upgrade for Push Attack.

Ranged is a hidden talent for Minato. 3 dice, but Brutal means even locked into the medium range he’s going to hit consistently, but typically if he’s within 3 inches, he’s going to want to be in melee. For the cases where you don’t want to enter BTB, or need to hold a zone, it’s a great tool to have in your back pocket. I want Circular Strike to go off bigger than it does in the rare times I get to use it. Holding a zone, or declaring Minato your VIM are your best chances for utilizing its potential. Force models to converge on Minato and swing aware. Just make sure you’ve got defenses in place because without indomitable, he’ll be vulnerable to counter attacks.

Keeping Minato alive on the front line is the biggest challenge, but capitalizing on Brutal will go a long way. As tempting as it can be to roll 3 attack dice and aim for that high success level, keeping conservative and rolling 2-and-2 means you’re going to hit and stay alive. With Powerful Attack always at your disposal, you can damage even on low success levels. He’s a huge threat, so your opponent is going to target him. Make sure you protect his back.

Beginner friendly, as he helps bring damage to a faction that’s more about hamstringing your opponent than killing them, Minato helps bring a new flavor to Jung. Every toolbox needs a hammer, and Minato is a two-handed sledge.

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