Bushido: Jung Profiles – Hibiki

A daily breakdown of Bushido Profiles, starting with the Pirate faction, Jung. Broken down into ranks of Kancho (captains), Juhin (first mates), Kaizoku (crew members) and the beings corrupted by the sea (Samemamin, Kamimamin), the Jung are a faction of teamwork and strength in numbers.

Jung Hibiki is the strongest tool kit in the Jung faction. The most forgiving for new players, and with a theme that allows all Jung profiles, Hibiki is the best choice for those looking to start collecting the pirates of the Jwar Isles.

Jung as a whole is a faction of specialized fighters that combine into a devastating force. Hibiki bucks that trend by operating independently, and allowing his crew to do the same. He grants Kaizoku models Sidestep Defense(0) and Evasive which means your list is going to be hard to pin down. In the Black Sails Theme, you generate a Ki for every successful sidestep defense, meaning the Kaizoku can boost their attacks more often. 


Hibiki can be the assassin to send after the distant threats or the scenario runner that your opponent has to chase around the board. With Vault granting Cloudwalk and a boostable speed 5, he is incredibly mobile. With the potential for a 12 inch, Cloudwalk,  Agile, Combo Attack(0) he is a threat from anywhere on the board that can missile to where he needs to be. Great for enemies that want to hide in the back, like Cult’s Puppet Master, Kato. 

In combat, Hibiki is the king of second and third chances. Dodge, feint AND Melee Prowess. Forcing your opponent to re-roll both an attack and defense dice, while you get to re-roll one of your own is basically a do-over for a bad melee exchange. With no armor and only 5 health, he has to play cautiously, especially against enemies that excel in melee. Sidestep Defense (0) means he can position himself where he needs to be. Combo Attack (0) means he can pack a punch when set up for it properly as well. Throw Defense (1) is situational, and a piece I often forget about. 


An activation eater, Vitality means Hibiki can exhaust an opponent, and then come in for a final attack. It also makes him a great Scenario weapon. As your opponent calculates how many moves you have left, they either have to account for that extra activation, or you get a nice surprise as you get one last move in.

Parley is probably one of my favorite Ki feats in the game. Especially against opponents that haven’t faced Hibiki before. Jung is a pretty straight forward faction, without too many “That model does what now?!” tricks up its sleeve, so I relish in one of the best it has. For 2 Ki, he can cast it every turn if needed. Immediately ending an opponent’s activation when they enter BTB, no Opposed test, no chance to counter it, is a satisfying moment. It also provides a great shield for Hibiki, as long as he has 2 ki on him, your opponent isn’t going to send an important model against him, meaning he can pick off smaller models that he outclasses.

With the independence granted to the Jung models, Hibiki is a great leader for elite lists. He helps keep Kaizoku alive and moving, but isn’t the best captain for getting them to hit as heavy in melee as the other Kancho. His versatility makes him a must-have for any Jung player.

And he punches people with giant shark teeth. What more do you want?

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