Bushido Jung Profiles – Mari

A daily breakdown of Bushido Profiles, starting with the Pirate faction, Jung. Broken down into ranks of Kancho (captains), Juhin (first mates), Kaizoku (crew members) and the beings corrupted by the sea (Samemamin, Kamimamin), the Jung are a faction of teamwork and strength in numbers.

The Queen of the Waves is the most complex of the Kanchos, simply because of how many moving pieces she controls. Where the other two Kancho inspire their crew through their actions, Mari uses commands, orders, and tactics. 

Scout gives kaizoku extra mobility giving them the jump and her Theme grants 2 models flank and allows 1 model to be placed within 1” every Starting Phase. Kaizoku models under Mari’s command are hard to bog down and can get to where they need. The sharks (Samemiman) are beasts with Flank. Without going too in-depth (gotta save something for their entry), getting Bleed tokens out before they hit the field is huge. Ranged models, like Duri, Asami, and Jori, love being able to bump out of melee and fire back at their aggressor.

She is Jung’s answer to fear. Leadership is a godsend for the 1 ki kaizoku and Rally can make up for the times the dice betray you. 

Mari can hold her own in melee, but she is better spent elsewhere. Push Defense helps keep her from being locked in engagements, and Prowess is typically spent on defense dice, making sure she gets away. In the case where you really need the kill, she has Feint to aid her attack, and Protected means she can roll an all-out attack if necessary (keep those Kohanin close!). 

 Range is a great option to catch an enemy that got left behind, but you’re really only going to get one shot with her. Reload (2) means it’ll take 2 activations to clear, and she has a lot more she can do, so make sure that first shot counts.

Command(3/6) is her prime power. 3 activations in a row mean she can out activate her enemies, and with cheap kaizoku, it’s not hard to outnumber your opponent from the outset, meaning you’re less at risk to over exhausting your models. Making sure your models don’t get too far ahead of her is the key. You don’t want to leave Mari behind.

Provoke is an interesting ki feat that can turn the tide of a game. Impetuous markers throw a big ol’ wrench in the best of plans. When combined with Command, you can turn a scenario before your opponent can react by slapping an impetuous marker on a model on the wrong side of the field. Want to get familiar with when to use Impetuous markers? Use Arata for a game and see how many times you wish you could activate a different model first. 

Starting out, you are going to forget pieces of Mari’s profile, especially if running Fujiwaro Ran who has Bodyguard(Mari), simply because there is so much to keep track of. She is chess to Minato’s dodgeball. The other captains adapt to the situations they find themselves in, Mari goes in with a plan and doesn’t let an enemy get in the way. Placement of models is important, as she has a limited range for her abilities, and knowing exactly how you are going to respond to your opponent is essential. Are you going to Bodyguard Mari out of combat, Push your way to safety or sacrifice a Kohanin to keep her alive? Each one requires different things, and you’re handicapping yourself if you’re keeping all three an option. 

Out of the three Kanchos, she feels the most like a captain. On her own, she isn’t going to accomplish much, but with a crew around her, she’s a force to be reckoned with.

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