Bushido: Minimoto Profiles – Samurai

Yuji The very definition of a tank, Yuji is one of the toughest models to kill in the game. He can prolong an engagement with just about any model and rarely has a problem disengaging. I fell into a trap early on coming from Jung. I saw the armor and the higher attack stats andContinue reading “Bushido: Minimoto Profiles – Samurai”

Bushido Jung Profiles – Juhin

Tora  One of the most recent additions to Jung, there‚Äôs a reason Tora is the leader of the new Starter Set. Her skill set is simple and easy to grasp without sacrificing depth. Drawing inspiration from both Hibiki and Mari,  she provides a great introduction to a variety of playstyles. She can be the glassContinue reading “Bushido Jung Profiles – Juhin”