Bushido: Minimoto Profiles – Blacksmiths, Bears, and Special Cards

Blacksmiths Hauru Another model that confused me when I first jumped from Jung. He’s the “Leadership” Model, but he’s only 10 points? Coming from the leaders being the most expensive model, I couldn’t immediately see his role. He also suffered from me overcompensating on constantly hearing about Minimoto’s resilience. No armor, no tough, just 7Continue reading “Bushido: Minimoto Profiles – Blacksmiths, Bears, and Special Cards”

Bushido: Jung Profiles – Special Cards

Events Blow the Man Down – Either this will size your hide or do absolutely nothing, the Size(6) challenge test is fairly easy for your opponent to pass. However, when it does work, you end up with a prone model at your doorstep and interrupt your opponent’s plans. Not the first 2 rice I’d spendContinue reading “Bushido: Jung Profiles – Special Cards”