Bushido Profiles: Upcoming Jung Releases

With the bevy of models in the pipeline, I wanted to do some First Impressions looks at the new profiles. I haven’t gotten these on the table yet, so they’re still in the land of theory-crafting, but I’m too excited about them to wait for a release to talk about them! Miyakomo Korra After seeingContinue reading “Bushido Profiles: Upcoming Jung Releases”

Bushido: Jung Profiles – Misfits

Samemiman: Finally made it to the sharks! These guys are what sold me on the game and were a great lesson in what not to do in Bushido. Early games were frustrating because they never did what I wanted them to do. Eventually, I learned I had to play how they wanted, I couldn’t makeContinue reading “Bushido: Jung Profiles – Misfits”