Bushido: Jung Profiles – Hibiki

A daily breakdown of Bushido Profiles, starting with the Pirate faction, Jung. Broken down into ranks of Kancho (captains), Juhin (first mates), Kaizoku (crew members) and the beings corrupted by the sea (Samemamin, Kamimamin), the Jung are a faction of teamwork and strength in numbers. Jung Hibiki is the strongest tool kit in the JungContinue reading “Bushido: Jung Profiles – Hibiki”

What Sets it Apart: Bushido Risen Sun

The tabletop scene has exploded in the last few years, creating an endless wave of new content for gamers. While this is a great problem for the industry to have, it can make it difficult for consumers to know where to invest their time and money. In the “What Sets it Apart” series, I willContinue reading “What Sets it Apart: Bushido Risen Sun”