Game Night: Casual Games on the Rise

With the resurgence of board games in the past 5 years, a new form of skirmish game has gained prominence: the casual game. It used to be the success of a tabletop war game was determined by its competitive scene. Everything needed to have an airtight, 300-page ruleset that took hours to learn and yearsContinue reading “Game Night: Casual Games on the Rise”

The Heavy Metal of Ragnarok

The full title of Ragnarok boasts: Heavy Metal Combat in the Viking Age. The rulebook provides the Combat in the Viking age, but the Heavy Metal is a glaring omission. I’m here today to fix that. Here is a link to a playlist featuring 25 songs to make your game of Ragnarok the epic miniatureContinue reading “The Heavy Metal of Ragnarok”

What Sets it Apart: Ragnarok, Heavy Metal Combat in the Viking Age

The tabletop scene has exploded in the last few years, creating an endless wave of new content for gamers. While this is a great problem for the industry to have, it can make it difficult for consumers to know where to invest their time and money. In the “What Sets it Apart” series, I willContinue reading “What Sets it Apart: Ragnarok, Heavy Metal Combat in the Viking Age”