Bushido: Jung Profiles – Special Cards


Blow the Man Down – Either this will size your hide or do absolutely nothing, the Size(6) challenge test is fairly easy for your opponent to pass. However, when it does work, you end up with a prone model at your doorstep and interrupt your opponent’s plans. Not the first 2 rice I’d spend on enhancements, but worth it if you have the points left.

Bounty – I bring Bounty in every list that I can. Giving all your models the boost against high priority targets is worth far more than 2 points. Bringing 2 is still a bargain at 4 rice, but there are so many good special cards in Jung it’s hard to find room for both in most lists. Great for those just starting out in Jung.


Ebb and Flow – Moving 2” toward an enemy table edge, then back 2” at the end of the activation has a lot of potential. Getting a non-activating model in range for a ki feat or trait then back to safety, or disengaging your model, attacking another enemy, then disengaging again are the first two that come to mind. I haven’t had the opportunity to use this yet, as at 3 rice there are usually other special cards I need more.

Kamikaze – Jung will welcome any mobility shenanigans in can get its hands on. Popping out of melee is great for setting up ranged attacks, snagging scenarios, and getting the most out of Fear and Reach. With the option to bring 2 with Mari, it’s easy to get your points back with 2 instances of Kamikaze(1).

Miyakomo Rising – If you’re bringing Asami and a kami, this is a must have. Asami loves the extra ki, and the Kami love a turn of healing.

Miyakomo Rising.jpg

Plunder – Thematic, but ultimately I have never used it. You’re relying on your opponent bringing equipment, killing the model in melee, and being able to utilize the equipment. Prefecture, Minimoto, and KKZ are the only factions that will reliably have Plunder for you to take.

Shanghai – Another card that’s expensive for its situational nature. If your enemy is running a list of all unique models it’s 3 rice you could have sunk into better enhancements. If you’re running an all Juhin list, you might be able to take advantage of it, but its an event you have to build a list around, not one you can pop into any list.

Squall – Running the big boys will love squall. Lua and Tetsuso really benefit from the +2 ranged defense, but all your models will enjoy the safety of getting into melee without fear of getting shot off the board too early.

Weather Gauge – Jung’s frequently about adaptability, but deploying second gives them the edge. Being able to square off against the right opponents sets the game off on the right peg leg. I don’t use it very often but for 1 rice its easy to find room for when you do need it.


No Quarter – Screaming kaizoku able to engage Fear(6) models without worry, or frighten even hearty foes will see use. 2 Ki is a lot in a faction that is ki starved but in Conclave of Captains, Kohanin love being able to drop that down to 1 cost.

Sea Legs – Even in a faction flush with Jump Up, getting that upgrade to Immune [Prone] is well worth the 1 rice.

Squamous Appendage – Another of the new Jung cards I haven’t had the opportunity to utilize, a cheap upgrade that will quickly make its points back. A long list of Exclusions is disappointing, as most Jung lists would love gaining access to Grapple(0), but it’s there for Black Sails, Landing Party, and Conclave of Captains. 

Taunt – Forcing an enemy to be aggressive is a great way to cut through defenses. Just make sure you have a plan for defending the attack coming your way because Jung does not like being hit.


Whale Harpoon – Jori will reliably be able to trigger this event, and half movement will cripple your opponent’s plans early game. You have to risk a longer range shot to fully utilize this enhancement, but turn 2 is usually worth the gamble.


Belaying Pin – In a faction that loves its crippling states, access to Stun is great. Stun Attack(1) means you have to use it on a second man in, rather than first assault because more models can’t afford to drop a dice without some help.

Eye Patch – Mari, Minato, Yuji, or Tora will have to be the target of the eye patch if you want to get those 4 points back. A great way to get more Kamikaze with Mari, she uses her pistol so infrequently it’s not too damaging to drop her down to a 16 point model. Yuji and Minato are both “last resort” choices as they like to have their range attack at their disposal, but Minato’s circular strike is so situational you can work around it if you need the extra points.


Hand Cannon – Hibiki and Ran both have great ranged stats for models without ranged weapons and will get the two points back. Hibiki can Throw Defense a model then shoot it while it lays at his feet. Ran can Combo Attack the pistol to get the most out of it before reload. 

Hook Hand – Like the Belaying Pin, access to Blind state is a boost for Jung, but it’s so rare that it will trigger its a perk, not a reason for bringing the hook hand. If you don’t need Bleed, the Hook Hand is a great upgrade for the Kohanin at +1 Strength and Drag Defense/Attack(0).

Knife – Someone gets the knife every game. It’s too good not to have. For 1 rice, a +1 PIerce (1) Stepstep Defense/Attack(0) is an automatic upgrade for all of the kaizoku. The option to give it to the crabs will make them surprisingly devastating. 

Peg Leg – An easy way to fit those 1 rice upgrades in, Jung is rarely in a rush to get into combat anyway. The korusea and Taru are the safest bet without hindering your list too much. Most other models like having access to charges. 

Sharkeye Pendant – This will either see a lot of use or very little, depending on your meta. No being able to be replaced or generate ki upon death shuts down a lot of Cult lists, but if you don’t play against cult frequently, you’ll forget this upgrade exists. 

Silver Bullets – More bleed, yes, please. Setting up the sharks from a distance and getting extra damage on already hard-hitting Pistols is insanely cheap at 1 rice. Also teasing Arquebus’s is a nice touch. 


Triangle Knife – Honorable mention for this ronin upgrade because it is so good in Jung. a +0, Bleed, Pierce(1), Combo (1) will make combat more forgiving for everyone.

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