The Heavy Metal of Ragnarok

The full title of Ragnarok boasts: Heavy Metal Combat in the Viking Age. The rulebook provides the Combat in the Viking age, but the Heavy Metal is a glaring omission. I’m here today to fix that. Here is a link to a playlist featuring 25 songs to make your game of Ragnarok the epic miniature mosh pit it was destined to be:

1. Amon Amarth – Pursuit of Vikings

I wouldn’t be doing my job without including Amon Amarth. The face of viking metal, they embody everything about this game. Any of their songs or albums would make a perfect soundtrack for Ragnarok, so I narrowed it down to two for this list. The obvious opener is the song they used for opening their own live shows, “Pursuit of Vikings.”

2. Trivium – Silence in the Snow

Perfect for the games set on the icy battlefields, Trivium busts out the big vocals on this one. Drawing inspiration from Bruce Dickinson, Matt Heafy brings an epic tone to the table that’s sure to inspire your war clan to fight till their last breath.

3. Tyr – Blood of Heroes

Tyr are the children of Amon Amarth, with a power metal element. Another band whose entire discography fits perfect into the pages of Ragnarok. Blood of Heroes will be the legacy left behind by your warriors as they leave tales in their wake.

4. Khemmis – Bloodletting

Slow, methodical march through the reaches of Hel, Khemmis brings light to the darkest moments of battle. These guys are bringing the best in the business right now and I would be remiss not to include them.

5. Nanowar of Steel – Valhalleluja

In case you find yourself taking life too seriously, Nanowar of Steel is there to remind you to have fun with everything. Odin, God of Ikea will aid you in crafting the perfect war hall to host your campaign.

6. Bury Tomorrow – Man on Fire

The whole album, Runes uses nordic motifs, and Bury Tomorrow will be Skald to drive your war clan to victory.

7. Insomnium – Winter’s Gate pt. 3

Winter’s Gate is a single, 45 minute track telling the story of a lost viking. Hard to pick one part to capture the full greatness that is Insomnium, but the end of this track draws inspiration from Amon Amarth and builds to a big climax that is as beautiful as it is heavy.

8. Gygax – Dice Throwers & Rock N’ Rollers

Let’s not forget our roots. Gygax bring the nerd to rock n roll and remind us of all those days exploring fantasy worlds in our parents basement. Grab a beer, roll some dice, and have a good time with friends.

9. Ghost Inside – Avalanche

Bringing positivity to hardcore, Ghost Inside has been to Hel and back. True warriors who have endured and persevered, I had to include these guys because no metal playlist is complete without them.

10. Manowar – Loki, God of Fire!

There’s no Amon Amarth without these guys. In fact, without Manowar most of the bands on this list would not sound like they do. There’s no fantasy game that couldn’t use more Manowar.

The Rest:

11. Valiant Thorr – Sudden Death is Nothing

12. The Sword – Winter’s Wolves

13. Pallbearer – I Saw the End

14. Kings of Asgard – Einharjar

15. High on Fire – Drowning Dog

16. Gojira – Magma

17. Exmortus – Slave to the Sword

18. Dio – Rainbow in the Dark

19. Atreyu – Doomsday

20. As I Lay Dying – Nothing Left

21. Mastodon – Roots Remain

22. Dragonforce – The Game

23. Ihsahn – Mass Darkness

24. Nanowar of Steel – In the Sky

25. Amon Amarth – Twilight of the Thunder Gods

What songs make your playlist?

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